Top 3 Reasons I Choose The Meishan Pig

Top 3 Reasons I Choose The Meishan Pig

There's a new and exciting buzzword in the farming and food world.

The Meishan pig.

Recently released genetics (2016) have launched the Meishan into a viable option for the homestead farmer and foodies alike.

Why is that? Let me list my top 3 reasons. 

It's an exciting time for this unheard of breed. And I could still pinch myself that I get to be part of it's conservation efforts.

But why? Why work so hard when other breeds are more well known? That can be summed up in 3 reasons for me. 

1. There are very few times that we are presented with an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of truly new genetics.

- The Meishan offers that. They're a blank slate with enough true genetic diversity to stand on their own. 

- After a keen review of the 3 separate genetic lines, it's clear to me that "it's all there." Everything we need to bring the Meishan to the forefront of Heritage Hogs.

2. The meat has a unique flavor, all it's own.

- My customers comment almost daily that 'The Meishan truly has it's own flavor.'

- They say that it's more like steak than pork, that it puts a "WOW!" factor on their favorite dishes that other pork does not.

- And, if that isn't enough, The Meishan accels in charcuterie (cured cuts) too.

3. They're the perfect fit for my farm.

- The Meishan lives in harmony with my pastured chickens & Livestock Guardian Dogs.
- They're easy on my fence lines, pasture and easy to move around & load.

Want to try Meishan Prosciutto yourself? Click HERE to order it now!

Have you heard of the Meishan yet? What do you know about them? I'd love to hear from you!

About the author: 

Laura Jensen is the Farmer & Heritage Pig Conservationists at Jensen Reserve. 

What started as a desire to eat better to feel better has become a passion for her along with leading the efforts to save the critically endangered Meishan pig. 

Her farm store is attached to a vertically integrated USDA inspected kitchen & butcher shop where she makes Prosicutto, Capicola, Brats and more.



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