Prime Rib - How to Cook Yours - Easy to Follow Plans

Prime Rib - How to Cook Yours - Easy to Follow Plans

There's a huge stigma that Prime Rib is difficult to cook....

It's NOT!

Follow my recipe AND invest in a meat thermometer.....that's it!

Here's how the hubs and I cooked ours this past weekend.....on our grill.....for a Christmas gathering with friends. 

We cooked an 8 pound one.....If you're cooking smaller, adjust total cook time down - if you're going with the 20 pound beast, allow at least an additional 30 mins on total cook time....

What you'll need:

  1. Prime Rib - right! lol
  2. Pan that Prime Rib fits into (I prefer disposable)
  3. Meat Thermometer - this is a MUST
  4. Spice Blend or Rub, see my choice below....

Now for the Cook:

Now it's time for your cook time plan....

  • Plan for an actual cook time of 2 hours as well for an 8-10 pound roast
  • Meaning you will turn your oven, or grill, on about 30 mins ahead of the start of your cook so it will be at temp. 
  • Ideal Grill or OvenTemp is 350 degrees
  • Place Prime Rib in oven in pan OR on grill without pan initially (just to sear it....caution of the fat rendering here!) *Don't place in oven without pan*
  • Once Prime Rib is cooking - check it in about an hour for internal temp
  • Internal temp end goal is 125 degrees in the center for Finished product 
  • Ours took about 1. 45 - 2 hours to reach that temp....smaller would take less time, larger will take more. 

Now, Let Rest 10-15 mins, cut strings, slice or shave and ENJOY!


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