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Ban YO Biscuit Recipe [using Meishan Leaf Lard]

Laura Jensen

If you think your families biscuit recipe couldn't be any better.....

Or maybe you just want to try your hand at biscuits....

THIS is the RECIPE for you!

Using AMBA Certified Meishan Leaf Lard [aka Ban YO,] your biscuits will be the BEST!!! 

Here's what Kay has to say about it: "I used Kaylee's recipe this morning. I just thought my biscuits are good. These are to die for. Highly recommend them!"

What do you need to get started?

Ban Yo Biscuits Recipe [Certified Meishan Leaf Lard]

Then what?!

Ban Yo Biscuits Instructions


Maybe you could butter the top?

Butter Biscuits Made with Ban Yo, Certified Meishan Leaf Lard

These are what ours looked like out of the oven....what do you think?

Ban Yo Biscuits Made with Certified Meishan Lard (Ban Yo)


Ready to Buy your Meishan Ban YO and get started?

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Certified Meishan Ban Yo [Leaf Lard]

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Certified Meishan Pork Mark of Distinction

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