mRNA Loaded or Lab Grown Meats ...Ewwww!!! A HELL NO from this Farmer

mRNA Loaded or Lab Grown Meats ...Ewwww!!! A HELL NO from this Farmer

Do you ever wonder what in the heck is going on with our food chain?

It's jacked up - at best. 

The latest moves from our country's leaders in feeding the masses meats from animals injected with the latest human test or vaccine or not a test, I can't keep up...(mRNA vaccines) to now approving lab grown meats just leaves me shaking my head. 

We live in a world that can never let a good crisis go un-used....and this just feels like more of the same. 

We are in a time where, 'know your farmer, know your food' is the only way you're going to really know what you're eating. Labels are great, sometimes helpful. But what about the things that aren't required on labeling?

Why is it that, I can eat chicken from a fast food restaurant and feel awful but when I eat chicken from my store I feel great? 

I know I'm on a soapbox...

But dang, I am TIRED of seeing what's happening to our food supply!!

And although 1 farm can't change what's happening. 

1 farm CAN choose to be different. 


If you've known me and why I started this store, you know I don't mess with low quality, crappy meats.....and I won't start now.

I promise my cuts are the cleanest on the market...and the taste speaks for itself. 

My customers always rave about the quality and flavor because of it. 

I utilize farms that won't use mRna vaccines...they don't believe in fake meat or how cheap they can feed and process animals at our expense...

I would close before I sold that junk. 




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