How I Beat Type 2 Diabetes Naturally - My Store Saved the Day!

Laura Jensen

A little over a year ago...I hit bottom...

I felt SO bad...EVERY day...ALL. THE. TIME.

My blood sugar was running in the 300's too...

It was time to get help. 


I've had amazing results personally with herbal meds and homeopathic cures....

So, I turned to my Naturopath first for help with this too. 


Many concerned friends reached out after I posted about it on FB. Worried that I wasn't going the traditional route and signing up for whatever pill or shot is the latest right now....

No offense! They only wanted what was best! Diabetes is nothing to play with....

My answer to them was simply, "Let me TRY this....if I don't see results, I'll go with conventional medicine." 


And, a year later, I'm cured!!! No meds needed - at all! I don't even need something to sleep at night - that's HUGE!!!! And my blood sugar - 114 ish! I know it could be just a tad lower - and I'm staying the course to get there. 



The HARD Way....I can assure you!

[But there was one constant that gave me hope against a very broken system....]

My journey meant rebuilding my pancreas, changing lifelong food habits and ultimately, addressing issues that had led to my crash. 

What did I do? 

I ate from my store. 

It never failed me. Even when I wanted to give up....

A clean protein and a veggie was my diet for most of the last year. 

My dressings and sauces became my dips and spreads ....

Did I have moments that I cheated? YEP.

And then I got back on track....

I had to learn to love myself through that part too...Food has ALWAYS been there for me....becoming the perfect bridge to diabetes....


But I have beat it! And you can too!!


Shop with me and I know you'll feel better too. I hear it all the time from y'all!

If you, too, are looking for clean, healthy, no sugar and wheat added products....I got you!!! 

And I know I'm not alone! Please - Share your story!! I think we need to lift each other up on this journey!!!



Pics below: 

First, Laura pre diabetic, 2nd: After working my plan:

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  • Laura, congratulations for your success and, you look amazing.
    I can share a similar story. I started Keto diet 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I really didn’t want to have it (well, tough luck if you have it you have it) and didn’t want to go with pills or insulin.
    Food change: proteins from trustful sources and low intake of carbs (yes, even the good, complex carbs can still cause problems with glucose) – no more standard bread, legums, rice, sugar and so on.
    Since I am not a sweet tooth and like fats like olive oil, butter / pasture raised animals, cheeses and meats / fish / poultry it was not so much of a challenge to me. But, one needs to watch carbs and limit cheating.
    The success is so worth it!!! My A1C is now at 5.4.
    Important: make sure you know where you get your proteins from (you don’t want to go cheap / super market quality since this will impact your body negatively).
    BTW: I also lost about 30 lbs during the first 6 months, still going down but slowly. And, there are a lot of great keto recipes for the home cook. There is nothing much I really miss (even my Keto “bread” is great), other than real fresh made pasta (that’s my cheating stuff, but just a small portion once in a few months).
    For everybody starting a similar journey – all the best and hope you are seeing similar results.

    Claudia M.

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