Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Recipe

Laura Jensen

This is an easy, elegant, WOW your dinner guests recipe!!
And it's only 2 ingredients!!
Our prosciutto and raw asparagus!! seen below!
Pro tip: Use long prosciutto and cut it in half.

Here's what you need:

1 package fresh asparagus 
2 packages Meishan pork Prosciutto, long slices
- Wash asparagus and remove bottom rubber band only, pat dry
- From the bottom of the asparagus, pull stem upwards until the bottom snaps off. 
Do this 3 times
- Now, you have a reference point to cut the rest of the ends off. 
[ Pro Tip: This ensures that you only have the most tender asparagus left to work with. ]
- Once your asparagus ends are trimmed, and the 2nd rubber band removed, you’re ready to wrap them up!
- Remove prosciutto from package, slicing each piece down the middle to make 2 long pieces. 
- Start at the tip of the asparagus, wrapping the prosciutto around it on an angle to cover the asparagus stem.
- That’s it! Now grill it, air fry it or bake it until it’s your desired results.
[Pro tip: Asparagus wrapped prosciutto is edible without cooking. So enjoy finishing it to achieve your desired results.]
Grilling: Grill at approximately 350 degrees on a veggie grilling pan for about 30 mins.
Air fryer: 9 minutes at 350
Serve with your favorite protein and a side of bacon jam to satisfy all your taste buds.

Let me know what you think! ~laura

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