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Bulk Buys

In a time of supply chain uncertainty, we've got you covered! 

Not only do we have our 10 pound chub of ground beef and 5 pound bags of chicken breasts....

We now offer case purchased on chicken too! These cases are vacuum sealed with a 4 portion serving in, pick them up, put them in your freezer and know your good to go on amazing proteins!

Looking for a 1/4 cow or whole pig? We've got you there too! 

Our hog and cow packages are designed for your needs. No excessive amounts of ground beef or a bunch cuts you have no idea how to use...just what you want at a  bulk price that saves you money too. 

High quality and convenience is our goal! 

We try to stock our 10 pound ground beef and 5 pound chicken. Our other bulk buys may take us a few days, up to a 14 days on the hog to fulfill. BUT - reserve yours now and that puts you in line!

THANK YOU for shopping local!

Laura Jensen