Grilling Bundle 20+ Adult Portions for $89

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Grilling Bundle 20+ Adult Portions for $89

This bundle is great for tail gating or simply filling your freezer with premium proteins! This one has something for everyone! There's 20+ adult servings in here! All the items are quick thaws and quick cooks! Cause we're all in a hurry!

Here is what you get:

1 pack of our all Beef and gluten free Hotdogs

2 of our famous and rare cuts, Teres Major Steaks 

2 of our two pack all natural Chicken Breast ( 4 Chicken breast total ) 

2 packs of our Bacon Bam Burgers. These are lean ground beef blended with our premium Ground Meishan Bacon ( 4 burgers total ) 

2 of our 1lb packs of our Heritage Hickory Smoked Bacon 

We have this available for in store pick up or for shipping. 


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