Elderberry Syrup, What's the Deal? How much do you drink?

Laura Jensen

Elderberry anything seems to be the new buzz word during flu season. Why is that?

Let me answer some of the most common questions asked in our store. 


Why is this something that came out all of a sudden?

A few years ago, scientific studies were completed that proves Elderberries reduce the duration of a cold or the flu. Other studies show that it may boost your immune system as well. A strong immune system can potentially prevent the flu and a cold. Here's a link to a national Institute of Health article, if you'd like to read more.

So elderberries are a new thing? Why haven't I heard of them before now?

No. It's not a new thing. Elderberries have been a staple in the herbal community for years. The scientific research recently completed made it a very viable mainstream item. The swine flu and complications from the flu have certainly raised much concern in all of us to avoid catching it if at all possible.

How much do I take?

The general consensus is 1 teaspoon a day as maintenance and prevention. 3 teaspoons a day if you feel ill or like you are trying to come down with something. 

Is it dangerous?

The only potential side effect is an upset stomach. I have not experienced it or know of someone who has experienced any side effects at the suggested amounts above. 

Can children take it? Should anyone not take it?

Honey is an ingredient in it and some small children should not ingest it. Consult your doctor for specifics or with any questions regarding treatment, diagnosis or prevention of any disease or illness. 

How long can I take it?

That's up to you. My family uses it as a way to keep our immune system boosted yearly and naturally. 

Where Can I Buy Some?

I offer everything from Dried Elderberries, to Premade Syrups to DIY Kits online and in my store. 

Final Thoughts

Elderberries have well earned their place in my family's medicine cabinet over the years. It's not something we want to go without. As recent as Christmas 2019, it kept me from getting the flu. I'm sure of it. 
Tell me about your experience with it! Do you feel the same?




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