One Pot Roast Recipe. Save Time. Eat Clean,

One Pot Roast Recipe. Save Time. Eat Clean,

We all need a hardy go to meal. 

Especially when the kids start back to school and the weather cools off. 

One of my family favs is pot roast. 

Our chuck roast are ideal for this with nice marbling and great flavor. 

And, it's a 1 pot dish that I can simplify with our delicious bouillions!


1 chuck roast

1 packet Jensen Reserve Onion Soup Mix

1 packet Beef Bouillon 

16 oz freshly brewed coffee

16-32 oz water

1 TBSP salt

3 TBSP Olive Oil (only if browning first)

Mushroom Salt to taste

Potatoes, Rice, Noodles, Cous Cous as desired.


Heat dutch oven style pot on stove top to medium high with only Olive Oil in bottom. 

Once Olive Oil is well warmed, add chuck roast to sear. Apply lid with it cracked to keep splatter down but let steam out.

Sear on each side 3 minutes. (This is not necessary if you don't want that browned look.)

Then, add coffee, water, seasoning packs & salt. 

Check liquid level regularly, adding water to cover roast.

Simmer for several hours until desired level of tenderness achieved. 


You can put all this in a crock pot with the lid on & start it on low in the morning, well covered with water, and come home to an amazing smell and dinner!


Oh - BTW....not that it matters because it's SO GOOD.....BUT....this is also gluten/ wheat & sugar free too! SCORE!

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