Top Quality Cuts = Top Quality Cured Cuts, Made in House Charcuterie

Laura Jensen

I wear a lot of hats. 

And I love every. single. one. 

Much like my path that led to the store, butcher shop and endangered pigs, I didn't see this one coming either. 

We needed something to do with the hams on the pigs we grew. 

Because ham steaks are....bleh....and there's only so much sausage and ground pork to use from a pig...


My husband and I created our own curing process.

Bill, a.k.a. Mr. Science, figured out all the details of making prosciutto and took us to a proof of concept point...and I took it from there. 

Sales exploded and I took our night time work into the day and finished our proprietary USDA license for our prosciutto.

How's that for a power couple? lol

Not only are you eating clean, local and delicious in your cuts....your choosing that path with our charcuterie too!

I use the same approach of top quality cuts (often Meishan I grow) with minimal clean and organic ingredients....and add time. 

My old world style cures are a combination of American & European I like to call it.....American Charcuterie. 

So what are you waiting on? Bust out your own Charcuterie Board with our:

  • Prosciutto
  • Pepperoni
  • Lonzina (cured pork loin)
  • Bresaola (coming soon)

Did you know that I made all our cured cuts in house? Have you tried them yet?

Let me know!


P.S. Some fun facts about us

- We're the only farm in Ga, and possibly the SE, growing and curing our own cuts #makeminemeishan

- We're the only all female butcher shop in GA too....

- And the only place world wide you'll find AMBA Certified Meishan Prosciutto


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