Farm Fresh Egg Stir Fry - Kick Up Your Protein & Eat Delicious

Farm Fresh Egg Stir Fry - Kick Up Your Protein & Eat Delicious

I remember when I figured this one out - 

It was gold...

My own hibachi type rice at home...

From an egg with a rich, yellow yolk.....and flavor.....lots and lots of flavor!

Minute Rice for simplicity, a little butter or olive oil....and....whatever you have in the fridge!

That's what I love about this one. It can be vegetarian or you can add some bacon, beef, sausage or potatoes...there's tons of options!

Here's how I cook mine:

  • Start the minute rice - 5 minutes in the microwave and let rest
  • Cook on medium to medium high heat to give the rice a nice finish
  • Chop my onion, veggies / prep my bacon, chicken, beef or pork
  • In a nonstick skillet, sauté onions, bacon and veggies for a few minutes until onions start to become clear. 
  • Then, add rice and continue to stir.
  • Next, make a hole in the middle of the food, like a nest
  • Drop your eggs in there and let cook, turning over only the eggs until they are about half cooked. 
  • Finally, stir it all together and serve!

Portion sizes vary for me on this one. It's so easy to make for 1 or 10. And, you're using up those veggies or left overs too!

Do you make something like this? I'd love to hear about it! ~laura


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This sound awesome, Thanks Laura

Cyndy Evans

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