Are You a Sauce-y type too? My Solution for a Gluten & Sugar Free Sauce

Are You a Sauce-y type too? My Solution for a Gluten & Sugar Free Sauce

On my journey to manage my health and diabetes, eliminating as much sugar and gluten from my diet has been a non-negotiable. 

I wish I could say that's how strong minded I am. That I can just cut those ingredients off cold-turkey style and keep rolling. But, it's not that easy.

My reality is that my health suffers when I cheat and eat wheat, gluten and even sugar. Forcing me to find healthy, delicious alternatives.

I hadn't really thought about the honey mustard, ketchup & even my favorite steak sauces containing those now off-limits ingredients. 

But, they did. Every single one of them was slipping in at least one of these off-limit ingredients. :/

As usual, I looked around and found an alternative.

This time, it was already in production in our store.

Enter Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Yep! It's clean and free of those off-limit ingredients and goes one step further. I've included a few herbal products too like stinging nettle. Think of stinging nettle as an herbal parsley with a high nutrition value.

Here's a few of the reasons I went to stinging nettle:

It contains:

  • All of your essential amino acids
  • Vitamins A,C,K and B
  • Minerals like calcium and iron
  • Polyphenols, and a few other benefits too!

And, I found even more uses for my sauce cravings with our dressing.....and dip!

Here's My Go-To's with it:

  • Salads, of course
  • Steak Sauce - this one surprised me!
  • Top our Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast + cheese (sarvacchio please)
  • Dip with tomatoes, celery and carrots
  • Added to a mini charcuterie board with cured cuts, fruit, cheese & nuts
  • ADD Blue Cheese Crumbles to it for a whole new version!

I found an easy button for those tricky sauces! 

Now, you can too!

Our ready to eat dip & dressing is only available in our retail store for now. 

But, you can buy our spice blend online and make your own! Our recipe is on the back!

Now, how do you enjoy our Ranch Dressing & Seasoning?

Have you had to overcome a must-have in your diet with a cleaner version?

I'd love to hear from you!


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We LOVE your ranch dressing! My husband requests it every time I go to your store! We use as dip for everything—even fries—and it’s a favorite on burgers, salmon burgers and fish sandwiches 🥰


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