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That Oil in Your Cabinet Could be Harmful to Your Health - Now What?

Laura Jensen

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What if I told you that you have likely incorporated a product  into your daily living that was known for:

  • Causing Inflammation 
  • Found to be in direct correlation to heart disease, cancer and auto-immune disease after it's introduction in 1911
  • Being an unregulated food product of grown with large amounts of pesticides
  • A successful smear campaign demonizing it's healthy target 

You'd probably reconsider using it, like I have.....right?!

Now, what if you then learned that what it replaced is known for:

  • Reducing Depression with it's oleic acid
  • High Vitamin D at 1000 IU in each Tablespoon
  • No increased inflammation or heart disease
  • High monounsaturated fat for lower LDL
  • Zero trans fats
  • Sustainable and pesticide free

You'd probably switch...wouldn't you? ........I did. 

From what to what?

From Crisco to Lard. 

Yep. Crisco was invented as away to use cottonseed. The waste product of the cotton industry. And with a very successful smear campaign, it demonized the heart healthy choice. 

How do you use lard in it's place?

My family substitutes a little less than half the amount called for in a recipe using vegetable oils and Crisco with our pure, clean leaf lard.

In fact, I have one of our favorite farm recipes HERE for you to use our lard. Chocolate Chip Cookies!

It's scientifically proven that pigs raised on pasture have higher vitamin D and so does their lard. And, I refuse to use pesticides and weed killers here.....because our health is WAY MORE important than a weed free fence line. 

I do offer premium leaf lard from our Meishan pigs in my store. Grown here naturally, our pigs are out in the sunshine everyday.

Have you already made the switch to lard? Tell me about it!


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