What Do Blue Cheese & Sauerkraut Have in Common? Join Me & Learn Our Secret!

Laura Jensen

I shared our journey to providing a raw kraut earlier. 

Now, I'd like to share our recipe using our krauts that we can't live without. 

Yes. It's that powerful!


Here it is:

1 cup of Garlic Kraut

2-3 Tablespoons Blue Cheese Crumbles

Stir Together. Eat up!


I know - it's weird. If you don't like blue cheese, maybe this isn't for you. 

But for Bill and I, it's powerful....and I used to harass him bad for eating it!....

Until I tried it. 

Picture this - it's been a long day. You've been eating great all day. But you are just plain HANGRY now. And you don't won't to blow your hard work and your a ticking time bomb teetering on I must stay on my diet & I'm going to implode if I don't eat now. 

Then, eat the kraut I mentioned above. 

And things get right in your world within moments. 

I know it sounds ridiculous. But it's true. 

After researching all the benefits of raw kraut, reduced anxiety, along with other reduced mental issues are improved from a better balanced gut - and raw krauts allow that. 

So....if you're adventurous, keto, or just like both of my ingredients, give it a try!

Let me know what you think!




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  • OMG I wish I had this now, it sounds amazing and after this day I sure could use it!


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