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Humble Beginnings to Heartburn Free. How Our Kraut Changed Bill's Days for the Better

Laura Jensen

Our kraut story begins with my husbands heartburn.

I doubt you thought you'd be reading about that today..... But, it's true. 

Bill was struggling hard with heart burn and did not want to go the prescription route to tame it. 

So he began to research natural remedies that could give him relief. 

Enter: Raw Kraut

(Raw means that it is not heat treated. That means all the health benefits are in tact.)

Our corner kitchen cabinet was taken over with Italian fermenting jars and experiments...and it smelled a little like farts too.....fwiw.

In a few weeks, success!

Not only was the sauerkraut amazingly flavorful,  Bill found the heartburn relief he was seeking. 

But....that wasn't enough :) In true to 'us' form, he created 2 flavors of kraut while he was at it. 

1) Classic (Green cabbage, traditional)

2) Garlic (Red cabbage with sliced garlic cloves)


Bill ate a fork full of his kraut every time his belly would burn along with a little concoction he created too. I'll share that recipe later today. 

After a few months after he started this journey, his heartburn was under control!

It Worked!

Now I've taken Bill's recipe from our corner kitchen cabbage at home and put them in production in our farm store for you.

AND I recently licensed them for wholesale too. 

I guess we're a modern homesteading power couple to boot! lol



If you haven't tried our krauts, stop in our store or go by Joy Company Market to get yours today!

And if you know of another artisan shop that could benefit from carrying it, send them our way!

THANK YOU for supporting our small family farm!

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  • Hi! I would love to try your Kraut and have the recipe! I need heart burn relief too!

    Allison Sutton

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