Typical American Diet Depletes Your Health - How You Can Feel Better in 3 Steps

Laura Jensen

I was talking to a friend earlier this week that's struggling with her health. 

She had the c word a few months ago and still isn't feeling herself again. In fact, she was making another doctors appointment this week to get relief.

I want to help her. So I revisited my journey to improve my health and how I overcame constant illness several years ago. 

I would get everything coming and going. Prescriptions didn't fix the problem long term, only for a few weeks at best. Then, I'd be fighting the next bug. 

What changed for me to break this cycle?

These 3 things:

1- I thoughtfully sourced my food. Saying good bye to the big box sale isle. 

2- I found a local herbalist and began using their products in my daily self care and menu. 

3- I reduced sugars and carbs

You see, the traditional American diet of today is devoid of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and fight cooties.  Add the stress that many of us are under daily too and it's a recipe for consistent, poor health. 

This is the foundation of Jensen Reserve. To eat well, eat delicious and eat clean. I'm also not willing to budge on flavor in the name of a diet. It's how I roll.

Our Ranch Dressing, Spice Blends and Teas all have an underlying booster. Be it amino acids, immune support or respiratory health, you'll find some type of booster in just about everything we make.

I know I'm not alone in this. What steps have you taken to rebuild and maintain your health?


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  • Eliminated all added sugar and most carbs

    Ron Anderson

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