Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Pork Tenderloin Recipe

The pork tenderloin is an easy, tender & delicious go to for us. 

Incredibly versatile. It carries many seasonings well. Our Ranch, Taco, BBQ or Signature Seasoning are all delicious results. 

Today, I am sharing my #1 way to prepare one. Pan seared & oven baked. 


- Cast iron skillet or oven safe pan

- 1 pork tenderloin

- Olive Oil

- JR Table Blend Seasoning

- Meat Thermometer


- Preheat skillet on stove top to sear tenderloin (optional) 

- Preheat oven to 400

- Add Olive Oil to skillet to prevent sticking. 

- While pan is heating up, Coat tenderloin with seasoning

- Next, brown tenderloin all around in pan

- Finally, insert meat thermometer & put pan with browned tenderloin in oven

- When internal temp reaches 140 degrees, remove from oven

- Let rest approximately 4 minutes

- Slice or shred & enjoy!

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