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Where I Came From - The Journey to Healthier Foods and Meishan Pork

Laura Jensen

More times than not, life takes us on an unexpected journey.

A path we never saw coming. What I started for our horses has evolved into pigs, cured meats an artisan farm store.

Never was that in y plans when we purchased our farm in 2013.

When we left our suburban life in 2012, our goal was to own enough land to support 4 horses for our family. Now, I passionately work to conserve a critically endangered pig, operate our farm store and create products in our butcher shop we built in our barn. Crazy .....right? And, I never saw it coming!

How did I get from A to.......P? It started with a health diagnosis that rocked our family to it's core. Auto Immune Disease. Specifically, psoriatic arthritis. 2 of us in 6 months with the same diagnosis. 

It started with my daughters exhaustion and a test results that indicated Lupus could be at play. After many months of searching for a doctor that could see her, it was determined that it was not Lupus but Psoriatic Arthritis. Shortly after her diagnosis, I realized many of the health problems I was fighting was from the same disease. 

We had already added laying hens to our farm and felt the difference the eggs made. It was as if our bodies were drinking in the nutrition. From there, I wanted to effect our meat options. After researching those options, pigs looked like our best bet. 

Starting with the standard pig everyone in my area raised was enlightening. The meat - just like the eggs, was better than any pork I had eaten. I couldn't go back to the grocery store for eggs already, now pork too. 

But, the pigs were destructive to our land and would eat our beloved chickens if given a chance. We just couldn't continue to put our chickens at risk. So, I began the search for a pig that we could raise. 

After searching all the common breeds out there to no avail, I contacted the guy I had met on Craigs List and bought a livestock guardian dog from a few years earlier. He kept posting pics of these weird looking pigs. 

When I called I discovered that Rico was in negotiations to purchase all of the remaining stock from 2 research facilities for the Meishan pig. He needed a trailer to go pick them up and I loaned him mine.

I immediatly fell in love with the Meishan charcteristics and saw all the potential they offered. And with talks of a new breed registry, it was an exciting time! It is rare to be on the ground floor of something like this. How exciting!

Little did I know this would lead to my own butcher shop, loving to create charcuterie pieces and brats/ links. The Meishan has certainly inspired me to do more!

They are the best choice for my land, farm, family and health too. With unique flavorful meat and delicate fat, my family land I love it! 

Is our health better too? YES! There is no way I could manage all we have here if my health was still in the same place it was in 2013. 

What's your story? What's something that took an unexpected turn for the better for you?


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