No-Chicken & No-Beef Flavored Bouillons

No-Chicken & No-Beef Flavored Bouillons

Now that you know what I'm about and my high standards for the products I offer, I'd like to offer you a discount on something I can ship nationally....for free! 

It's our 3 bouillons.

1) No-Beef Bouillon

2) No-Chicken Bouillon

3) Vegetable Bouillon


We all love the added flavor from those cubes offered by the large-scale production companies. But, have you looked at the ingredients? And have you considered the quality of beef & chicken used in such a low price product?

I have....and....ewww......

This, along with Onion Soup Mix, are things that I was forced to stop eating because of ingredients like MSG, corn starch and sugar. I felt physically horrible after a meal with those ingredients. 

So, back to my kitchen I went and created spice blends that I CAN eat and feel good about too. 

All organic, keto and free from a long list of add-ins, the super savory and flavorful blends will bring flavor you can feel good about to your food again!

When a product has a longer list of what's NOT in it than in it, you know your in the right place!

Our blends do NOT contain sugar, MSG, dairy, wheat and soy, to name a few.

You don't have to give up flavor to eat clean & healthy. 

I've leaned on my knowledge of herbal products to create savory beef, chicken (and vegetable) bouillons for us all to enjoy! 

And they're Vegan & Vegetarian too.

To quote our social media maven, Denise:

"When Laura imagined making #clean bouillons and putting her name on the product, she searched high and low for the perfect ingredients. She couldn’t find any dehydrated beef or chicken products she would put her name on.
Determined to find a suitable and clean replacement for bouillons, she turned back to her herbal studies. Believe won’t miss the meat in these! Not only are they delicious, they also nutritious!"
So what are you waiting on? Order yours today at!
Available in a sample pack or 2 oz jar, grab yours now!
Add some other dry goods too -ALL FREE SHIPPING!
Price is already adjusted on-line & Free Shipping Applied- no discount code needed!


Sorry -I'm unable to Ship Refrigerated Products until delivery times stabilize. 

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