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Cooking Your Meishan Chops for Success

Cooking Meishan pork is not the same as others. With a low rendering point for the creamy, flavorful fat, you want to be mindful of not overcooking it.

Pan seared then oven baked is my preferred method for a perfect result! But grilling can work too. 

A meat thermometer is required, in my opinon, to reach perfection.

Jeanette Berranger with the Livestock Conservancy summed it up best recently when cooking our Meishan chops sent to her office for everyone to enjoy.

"... It’s just been a long time since I’ve cooked pork like this but in the end, the chops came out perfect by all accounts from the staff. Here’s what I did:


  1. Started with two, 1 lb. t-bone chops (sizes my vary)
  2. Brought the chops to room temp before searing
  3. Seasoned minimally with sea salt, black pepper, and a little pinch of herbs of Provence (from our garden!)
  4. Seared chops for about 2-3 minutes on each side until browned using a cast iron pan for even heating
  5. Put the chops on a rack in baking pan, uncovered, with a little water under the rack for added humidity
  6. Cooked at 325˚F for 25 minutes, checked temp and cooked for an additional 15 minutes more to reach an internal temp of 145˚F
  7. Let the chops rest for 20 minutes (time to ride to work from home with everything)


The chops came out perfect, moist, and delicious. Beautiful pink color in the interior.'

Most of the comments were that the meat was mild and not overpowering and that it was wonderfully sweet. The texture was very pleasant and the fat was delicious with great mouth feel. Two thumbs up from everyone."

Thanks Jeanette and the Livestock Conservancy for your feedback!

I would add to this that the Meishan works well with about any spice you choose. But I also advise you to try your first Meishan with very little seasoning so that you can enjoy the flavor the Meishan brings forward first. 

How will you cook your Meishan? I'd love to know!


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