The Unicorn of Charcuterie - 4 Reasons Why You Will Love My Work

The Unicorn of Charcuterie - 4 Reasons Why You Will Love My Work

When something is different than the status quo, it's a challenge to stand out. 

To be unique.

To embrace what you believe in so much that people don't know what to do with you. 

I became a Unicorn. 

That's what my work has made me. A Unicorn in charcuterie

I stand alone in my work. 

'Women don't raise pigs......that's a mans game!' Sit down & hush. 

It's the same with charcuterie..........

I am the opposite of the status quo....

How's that?

Here's 4 reasons why...

1- I'm growing & curing my own pork......unheard of in the SE....and further!

2- I created my own cures and recipes.....that's right. I built it....& I licensed it.

3- I produce A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork Prosciutto - The 1st & only place in the world it's available.

4- I'm all woman.....and so is my crew......we build each other up every. day.


Know who you're buying from. Supporting. Growing in this community. 

The Warriors. The Dream Makers. The Status Quo Breakers. The Path makers.

Now.....Let's Roll!



You go girl!!!


You Go Girl! Have been unable to come by in a while…but soon I’ll be back!

Sherry Dobbs

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