Can Bone Stock Heal You? Why it Matters to you....& How to Create Your Own

Can Bone Stock Heal You? Why it Matters to you....& How to Create Your Own

There's SO MUCH information out there on stocks & broths...

It's overwhelming...

  1. Why do they matter?
  2. Can this heal my health issues?
  3. How to do you make them?
  4. What if I make them wrong?

I've asked myself everyone of these questions.....AND answered them...

Now, let me share the answers with you!


Why does bone stock/ broth matter?

The typical American diet is devoid of basic nutrients/ minerals, that we need to maintain our health.

Bone Broth or Stock can replenish those needs easier, cheaper & faster than chasing other means.

We all know that it's been scientifically proven that chicken soup is medically helpful when recovering from a cold, for example.

So Bone Broth or stocks enhance it's benefits even more. 


Can this heal my health issues? 

It definitely supports your body so that it can better function. If you're devoid of the minerals this offers, then yes, you may feel an instant boost. Consistently consuming it can have the most supportive effect on your health. 

In fact, Beef Marrow Bones, for example, are thought to:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve digestion
  • Support joint health due to high collagen levels
  • Regulates the level of insulin and lowers the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Contributes to cell repair and regeneration
  • Contains more vitamins and minerals than the meat itself
  • Provides calcium for bone health and could help prevent arthritis
  • Antioxidants for skin health and anti-aging

According to my internet research.

How to do you make it?

The difference in a stock or broth is basically how long you cook them. Broths are the shorter of the cook times. 

Otherwise, it's really about what you want & can make happen. 

These are my 2 methods:

  1. You can roast your bones in the oven with whatever veggie & seasoning profile you choose. 
  2. You can also go straight to a simmer on the stove covered in spices & water. 

Personally, I prefer to roast them first. Then simmer them for as long as I have time available. This really enhances the umami or savory flavor & nutrition value.

(Pro Tip: A crock pot can be a huge benefit here to increase your roasting time!)


What if I make them wrong?

This would stop me from making it many times. I wouldn't have one of the ingredients....typically a veggie. 

What I've learned is that it doesn't matter. 

Cook them with what you have and keep rolling. 

The health benefits from the cook far outweigh the lack of a veggie or vinegar added. 


Now that I've cleared that up......

Here's my recipe for Beef Marrow Bones for you to make your own


2 Canoe Cut Beef Marrow Bones

1 Roasting Pan

1 No Beef - Beef Bouillon from my store

3 TBSP minced Garlic (cause I LOVE Garlic!)


  • Turn oven on to 425 degrees
  • Place bones in roasting pan, marrow facing up
  • Season with Redmond's Sea Salt & My Beef Bouillon
  • Roast for 20 minutes
  • Remove from oven & add fresh Minced Garlic on Top (optional)
  • Return to oven for another 10 minutes. 

Now your house smells AH-MAZING!!! 

Here, you have 2 choices...

1. Make that stock/ bone broth

2. Enjoy the marrow itself. It's uber healthy....but I honestly struggle with this method.

Either way, once the bones are beautifully brown and your happy with the look & rich smell...

  • Enjoy that marrow! OR....
  • Add water or move bones & juices to a larger pan or crock pot or to the stove top to simmer. 

Simmer as long as you can! 

Remove bones & enjoy!

Pro Tips: Freeze it in small portions, like coffee cup size, to thaw and drink as needed. You can also replace just water in your rice or veggies with it!

 Oh...and 1 last thing....not that you will care because the flavor is so amazing and the stock satisfying, but you've created a delight free from sugar & gluten too!


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