Châteaubriand - My Tips to this Delicious French Inspired Beef Tenderloin

Laura Jensen

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It's the hottest cut in the butcher shop right now...


What is it? 

The name itself is a French term referring to a cut of steak or method of roasting a beef tenderloin. 
It's the beautiful center cut piece of a beef tenderloin, which is the most tender, flavorful cut of beef available.

How do you cook it?

  • Definitely use a meat thermometer! That's the difference in success!
  • Sear or Brown the outside..... or not.....the hubs & I don't brown ours....

Otherwise, we cook ours at 375 degrees, until it's an internal temp we want and looks like something we'd devour.

I know that may sound weird, but it's how Bill & I roll. And, this cut can be that easy!

What Do You Cook It In?

  • Lots of ways here...
  • Cast Iron Skillet, Roasting Pan, Whatever works in your smoker or grill...I'd consider what the end look I want and pic my pan from there.

How do you know what internal temp you want?

Use this chart to help you decide:


Remember: it's important to let it rest for ~5 minutes when it comes out of the oven/ smoker/ grill. 

What can you season it with?

  • Our JR Signature Blend
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Anything you would like on you steak

What can you add to it?

  • A red wine sauce
  • Fingerling potatoes
  • Asparagus
  • Anything you would like with your beef/ filet/ steak

This cut is really easy to prepare.

Ours are tied for a more consistent cook through.

How do I cut it once cooked?

Once it's cooked and rested, I love to slice mine really thin and enjoy.


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How did you cook yours? Send me a pic of your creation! I'd love to see it!

Here's a pic of one I cut & tied in my butcher shop...ready for your spices & cook!




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