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What's for dinner?... My 5 Favorite Ways to Prepare Pork Chops

Laura Jensen

It's one of the best sellers in the farm store for good reason. 

We all love a good pork chop. And...they're SO versatile!

I'd love to share my 5 favorite ways to cook them at my house.

Let's go!

  1. Pan Fried ....ya'll know I love my cast iron skillet! Use one of our seasoning blends on top. Sugar free/ wheat free for the win!! It's so simple to add a little lard or olive oil to the pan. Then, season with our all purpose table blend, taco or BBQ rubs while cooking.
  2. Taco / Burrito/ Bun Style. Take those cooked chops from #1, 3 or 5 & Slice them in thin strips and add it to your taco, burrito, bun or salad.
  3. Marinades. Chops LOVE marinades! My top 2 are Ranch & Italian. Whip one up with our clean spices & BAM! 
  4. Baked with Kraut - Yep! Make a bed in your pan with our Raw Krauts then put your chops on top. If you have an apple & a little brown sugar to mix in the kraut - it's even better! Oddly soothing and satisfying.....
  5. Basted / Baked with our Honey Garlic Sauce. A fav in the store because you can throw those chops in the oven and bake them with the glaze already on them or baste them on the grill with it. Made with local honey instead of added corn syrups, you'll love the flavor!

 My go-to sides are steam-in-the-bag veggies or a simple salad....or add our micro greens as a topper on your plated chops or in your taco/ burrito/ sammich!

How do you like your chops? Share with me! ~laura


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