How bout our Hot Dogs! See why everyone is SO excited about them!

Laura Jensen

I had another local farmer and friend stop me recently. 

He said.....'you should be advertising your hot dogs more! ...

They're AMAZING!'

I smiled and said, yeah.....they have their own following, for sure.

He then started sharing with me why he and his family loves them so much.-

  • They're delicious! Much more flavor than any other brand they've tried. 
  • It only takes 1. They would eat 2 hot dogs with other brands. 1 fills him up with ours. 
  • The price point is great.
  • You don't have to cook as much.

I, then, shared with him that they are top quality too!

  • Gluten Free means no fillers
  • Black Angus beef made which means they're the best of the best.

And, yes, you read that right.......

These dogs have their own following!

Just last week a customer from Western North Carolina was ecstatic after eating them. Sandy had given up on hot dogs because of how she felt and, physical reactions she experienced with other brands. 

She Said:

I didn't swell up after eating your hot dogs!!

My joints weren't in pain either!!

And, of course, like everything I produce.....

I won't give up flavor for health. 

If you haven't tried our hot dogs, what are you waiting for! 

Come see us and buy yours today!


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