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Prime Rib, Tied & Boneless

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Prime Rib, Tied & Boneless
Prime Rib, Tied & Boneless

Elevate any occasion with our Prime Rib. 

Tied and Boneless, the flavor will blow you away! And, there's TONS more value as you're only paying for the beef - not the ribs too!

How do you know what weight to buy? 

Take the number of people you're serving and then decide how it's being served. In general, an American cut steak is around 1" / 1 pound or, if you're serving it shaved and your group isn't big into beef, plan on at least a half pound per person. 

Available in varying weights:

5 pounds

8 pounds

10 pounds

15 pounds

20 pounds  

Shipping Available if Ordered by NOON Tuesday, 12/19/23. 

Available in store all week or while supplies last!

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