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Half or Whole Hog Package - Shipping Included

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Half or Whole Hog Package - Shipping Included
Half or Whole Hog Package - Shipping Included
Half or Whole Hog Package - Shipping Included

We've put together a half hog package to stock your freezer and save you money!

If you're interested in a whole hog, it will save you even more money! It's our half hog package x2!

(Picture is a Half Hog Package - X's 2 of that pic for a whole one!)

We've only included the cuts you want! No excessive amount of ground pork or other cuts you may not use!

Here's our Heritage half hog package list: 

  • 1 - Boston Butt (Boneless)
  • 1 - Loin roast
  • 1 - Tenderloin
  • 10 pounds - Breakfast Sausage, 1 pound packs. Pick Hot, Mild or some of both, Organic Spices, Made In House, Gluten Free/ Sugar Free
  • 10 pounds - Ground Pork, 1 pound pack
  • 15 pounds of Bacon - Hickory Smoked. May be in 1 or 2 pound packages
  • 10 pounds - Bone In Chops, will vary in thin and thick, we pick

 Please specify in the notes section at checkout if you prefer hot or mild sausage or half and half. 


  • Half Hog $449.00, saving $44.03 off retail
  • Whole Hog $889.00, saving $97.06

and Now.....Shipping Is INCLUDED!

***Each hog order is built at time of order. Please allow about a week for pick up/ shipping. 


JR Shipping FAQ's

+ Most orders ship on Tuesday. 

+Wednesday Shipments - sometimes availability dictates Wednesday shipping. If you're 1 day UPS Ground service from us, We can Ship Wednesdays as well.

+ We ship your items frozen with a combination of Ice packs and/or Dry Ice in a Styrofoam cooler.

+ Please Refrigerate/ Freeze your orders Immediately After Delivery. 

+ Expedited Shipping AND Thursday & Friday can be quoted. Call us at 770-363-4487

Shipping Rates Vary by Order. We utilize Flat Rate Shipping which means that shipping charges are calculated based on total order weight. 

If you order 2 pounds of bacon, for example, the shipping price will be the same for up to 10 pounds of bacon as 2. That way, you can maximize your spend! (There are a few exceptions to this, like bulk ground beef.)

Those ranges are:

1-10 pounds

11-20 pounds

21-30 pounds

31-40 pounds

41-50 pounds

51-100 pounds

101-120 pounds

121-169 pounds

170 - 200 pounds 

200-240 pounds

Pricing is an ever moving target. Shipping Rate will calculate at check out. 

Having a problem selecting shipping? Check your cart for Items not eligible to ship, like our French Onion Dip or Pimento Cheese, They don't freeze well. :/

Some Bulk Buys, like Ground Beef, must be calculated at a higher rate than 10 pounds because of it's size. It requires a larger cooler than most 10 pound packages. 

We always work hard to make your products as fresh as possible.

This may mean a delay in requested order pick up. 

+ We are Closed Sunday & Monday

+ If there is an issue with your order, Send pics and Notify Us within 24 hours of receipt.


From all of us at Jensen Reserve

(No substitutions, No other discounts apply, No Rain checks.)

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