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Tulsi Tea

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Tulsi Tea
Tulsi Tea
Tulsi Tea

Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) makes a delicious herbal tea offering many possible health benefits. Some of our customers have reported our Tulsi Tea to relieve stress and be mood uplifting. Can be used to make iced or hot tea or add to your existing tea.

Organic and caffeine-free. Our tea bags are environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

Tulsi's are an adaptogen in the herbal world. Pretty amazing right?

Tea bags available in:

  • 1 gallon bag for a family sized batch 
  • 4 prepared tea bags ready to use

Pre-made teas available in (we use local honey for the sweetened variety):

  • 12oz personal $2.29
  • 31oz shareable $3.79

*The farm that grows our teas suggests if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a physician before use.

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