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Sauerkraut- Garlic

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Sauerkraut- Garlic

Upping the ante on our classic kraut, our garlic kraut is unique in flavor and color. If higher antioxidants and added benefits of fermented garlic aren't enough, the flavor is sure to win you over!

Non heat treated, or raw, kraut. Hand cut on a Polish 3 blade slicer in house. Then fermented with garlic for weeks for a tangy, delicious kraut. 

Gluten Free/Sugar Free, Raw Kraut.

Don’t let raw fool you – That just means we haven’t killed the beneficial enzymes that support our gut biome. This is a kraut you’ll love with all the gut boosters our bodies need. Designed to correct our own indigestion; this kraut is a shelf staple in the Jensen household!


This is local pick up only. 

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