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Chicken Burgers - Custom Grind

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Chicken Burgers - Custom Grind
Chicken Burgers - Custom Grind
Chicken Burgers - Custom Grind

Y'all asked and we got busy!

Our New Chicken Burgers are ready just in time for Mother's Day!

Made from our North Ga Premium, all natural, breasts and thighs, we season them with our JR Signature Blend and 15 Blend Mushroom salt. 

[That breast and thigh combo also means they're not dry.]

Not only super delicious - they're a functional food too!

Boost your health and eat GOOD all at the same time. 

They're ready for the grill, air fryer, cast iron skillet, Blackstone or - bread them and make sandwiches and nuggets.

Spice babe Tracy made nuggets for the grand kids and they went nuts over them!

2 patties per pack. Each patty weighs 1/3 pound each.


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