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About Jensen Reserve



Hello! I'm Laura Jensen, head pig nerd, farmer and curing queen at Jensen Reserve. Thank you for your interest in our farm!

We have lots happening here.

We're not just a farm store. My husband and I built our own USDA butcher shop on our farm where we produce healthy, clean foods and our own charcuterie too. We're one of a handful of farms curing our own pork in the country....and the only one in GA!

We also raise rare Meishan pigs too.

We're spearheading the national effort to save the critically endangered pig. 

We'd love to stay in touch!

The best way to do that and see what we're doing is via our email list. You'll see a popup to be added to it. Or, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and sign up there. 

I never sell your information. It's just for you and I to stay in touch.


Now, let me share some of my blog posts so you can learn more about us. 

Let's start with, Where I Come From, the journey that led me here.  

Next, My Philosophy on Foods That Heal. 

We're clearly part of a new food movement in the US. I write about that HERE.

How bout some Pig Nerd Talk Next? Learn more about the Meishan pig HERE.


Like I mentioned earlier, We have a lot going on here. 

There's actually 3 farm based businesses here. 

1) Jensen Reserve - here you are!

2) Meishan Preservation - that's our live pig sales business

3) American Meishan Breeders Association - that's the registry for the North American Meishan pig. We house it here and, yours truly, is the head pig nerd and President of the Association.

Each of these 3 businesses have an email list & can be found on social media, including youtube. 

SO, what are you waiting for! Check us out!





Finally, here's a pic of most of my family, minus the ones that live in Florida. We like to have fun, even working hard.