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Biltong Style Bresaola

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Biltong Style Bresaola
Biltong Style Bresaola

Bresaola is a not-as-often found cure like prosciutto....but amazing, all the same. 

Created inhouse by our butcher babes using our own recipes and methods. 

A rich blend of herbs, this all beef treat will delight your senses. 

The biltong is a reference to it's smaller size than traditional bresaola. 

A hint of a jerky air to this at times....or let it dress up your next board with flavor and conversation...great food with a great story. 

Each of our biltong style bresaola's are cured, cut, and prepared here at Jensen Reserve.

A hands-on process 5 years in the making.

Our customers are split on how best to serve it… room temperature or chilled. Either way, you'll love its uniqueness!

Our delectable biltong style bresaola makes a great gift, or keep and enjoy the wonderful flavor for yourself!

Available in:
• 1.5oz pkgs.

Available for Shipping and In-Store.

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