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1/4 to Whole Cow Packages - Grain Fed & Finished - Shipping Included

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1/4 to Whole Cow Packages - Grain Fed & Finished - Shipping Included
1/4 to Whole Cow Packages - Grain Fed & Finished - Shipping Included

Ready to stock your freezer with the BEST beef around?!

Our 1/4 to 4/4 (Whole) Cow packages only include the cuts you want.

From our much loved Grain Fed and Finished Line of beef....

There's No roasts you've never heard of or a hundred pounds + of ground beef.

No bones either!

It's a zero waste package so you get the most value for your dollar.

It's always USA Black Angus Beef and Includes per quarter cow (pictured):

  • 20lbs. 80/20 Ground Beef
  • 4 Teres Majors
  • 7-8lbs. NY Strip
  • 7-8lbs. Ribeye
  • 2lbs. Filet
  • 6lbs. Chuck Roasts
  • 6lbs. Stew Beef

We also offer Half, Three Quarter and Whole Cow Packages.

Those packages are 2, 3 and 4 times the amount of product.

  • 1/4 cow 
  • 1/2 cow 
  • 3/4 cow 
  • Whole cow 

We've only put the cuts you love most in this package!

Order today & enjoy the peace of mind in having a stocked freezer with amazing beef!

(No other discounts apply.)

SHIPPING INCLUDED in your purchase! 

Pick Up In Store or Select Shipping at Check Out.

YES!!! We CAN SHIP this too! Select That Option at Check Out! 

**** Please allow a week-10 Days for us to custom cut your cow for your order - nothing sitting around waiting for a sale here!

1/4 Cow weighs approximately 50lbs

1/2 Cow weighs approximately 100lbs

Whole Cow weighs approximately 200lbs


JR Shipping FAQ's

+ Most orders ship on Tuesday. 

+ It often takes a week for us to cut your cow.

+Wednesday Shipments - sometimes availability dictates Wednesday shipping. If you're 1 day UPS Ground service from us, We can Ship Wednesdays as well.

+ We ship your items frozen with a combination of Ice packs and/or Dry Ice in a Styrofoam cooler.

+ Please Refrigerate/ Freeze your orders Immediately After Delivery. 

+ Expedited Shipping AND Thursday & Friday can be quoted. Call us at 770-363-4487

+ Each 1/4 cow arrives in it's own cooler that weighs approximately 53 pounds each.

+ No additional product can be added to this cooler. :/

 We always work hard to make your products as fresh as possible.

This may mean a delay in requested order pick up. 

+ We are Closed Sunday & Monday

+ If there is an issue with your order, Send pics and Notify Us within 24 hours of receipt.


From all of us at Jensen Reserve

(No substitutions, No other discounts apply, No Rain checks.)

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