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A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork Prosciutto

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A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork Prosciutto
A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork Prosciutto
A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork Prosciutto

Quite possibly the rarest pork in the world. Undoubtedly in the U.S., Meishan pork is the new name in "Premium Pork." With its own unique flavor and a tenderness you'll love, the Meishan is sure to win you over.

To quote J. Beranger's article in Grit Magazine, November/ December 2019 Issue, "All agreed the fat was delicious and the meat was flavorful, with an almost nutty taste."

As realized by The Livestock Conservancy, the Meishan pig breed is critically endangered. There are fewer than 2,000 left in the world. Prized by emperors and kings in China for 5,000 years, only the Chinese government may own Meishan boars in their country. 

Thanks to the formation of the American Meishan Breeders Association in 2016, Jensen Reserve is able to offer you A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork Prosciutto.

Certified Pure Meishan hogs are the only breed of pig raised on our pastures. Our herd is lovingly cared for by Laura Jensen. head pig nerd, daily.

Each of our whole hams is cured, cut, and prepared here at Jensen Reserve. A hands-on process 4 years in the making.

Every ham has aged a minimum of 10,000 hours (or 400 days) in our barn... perfectly cooled by a gentle billowing fog that rolls in nightly from Georgia's pristine Alcovy River.

Our customers are split on how best to serve it… room temperature or chilled. Either way, you'll love its uniqueness!

Our delectable prosciutto makes a great gift, or keep and enjoy the wonderful flavor for yourself!

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