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Sausage Links Class for 2 people

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Sausage Links Class for 2 people
Sausage Links Class for 2 people
Sausage Links Class for 2 people
Sausage Links Class for 2 people
Sausage Links Class for 2 people

Are you ready to add another skill to your self-reliant tool box? 

Ever wanted to make your own sausage links? Brats? Kielbasa? We can teach you!

Join our head pig nerd and artisan butcher, Laura, to learn how to blend your own grinds, stuff with natural casings and hand link your own links. 

You'll blend, stuff and link your own 5 pounds of pork in a flavor of your choice. 

This class will focus on natural 32-35mm casings or a traditional bratwurst style product.

Class size is small ....only Laura, an assistant and the 2 of you that sign up so you'll have lots of hands on time. 

Pick a recipe from 3 flavor profiles:

- Regular brats (hot and mild)

- Roasted Garlic Brats (hot and mild)

- Jalapeño Pineapple Brats

Laura's simple methods will transfer to other casings and kick off your journey on the fun of home-spun links, sausages, brats, kielbasa.....and more!

You're hands on experience will build your confidence to start your own journey!

Each class covers 2 people & all supplies for a total of $129.00'll receive 10% off any purchases after your class!

Class time will be 1-1.5 hours long. Offered on select Sundays from March-May.

We'll work up a total of 5 pounds of pork links (with a little loose pack left over), including the links you made during class. 

Laura will also guide you in following USDA cleanliness standards including the requirement of a hair covering. This can be a ball cap, head band to hold back hair or hairnet (we have hairnets. hats hot provided) Close toed shoes too please.

Class purchase is non-refundable but applicable to other Jensen Reserve products. 


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