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Pepperoni Crumbles

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Pepperoni Crumbles
We took our amazing in-house made, dry aged Pepperoni and crumbled it! Our recipe is a healthier take on the old world, time honored traditional pepperoni. It’s more keto friendly while having more beneficial nutrients.
Just think of the possibilities!!!
Not only would it be awesome on your homemade pizza, you could jazz up a baked potato, scramble some up in your eggs, a topping for casseroles, on your salad, in pasta salads...any pasta dish actually! Or just eat it with a spoon? Use your imagination and let us know what you do with it!

No sugar and keto friendly with a Cabernet Sauvignon, this all beef or beef and pork  blend is addictive and very craveable. You may not want to share so consider another package for a friend. 

5 oz containers

Available in either hot or mild. (Hot from our organic cayenne powder.)

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