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Georgia Jams

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Georgia Jams

These Jams are the jam! Made in Griffin, Georgia by a woman owned small business who wants you to enjoy a “worth eating” low sugar fruit spread that will change your idea of what jam should be.

Georgia Jams chooses fresh, local, and in-season fruits for their spreads and are then able to keep the sugar content low. The jams are not strained and peels are used or hand peeled. You will always recognize the ingredients on the labels!

Available in a fruit or spicy flight of four fruit spreads.

(Fruit: blackberry merlot, Blueberry shiraz, Strawberry sunrise, and Muscadine spread

Spicy: Ramblin' Red Pepper Spread, Habanero Peach Spread, Georgia Scorcher Pepper Spread, and Beer: 30 Garlic Spread)