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Charcuterie Production 101

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Charcuterie Production 101
Charcuterie Production 101

 ****ON HOLD****

Sometimes, lots of great things happen at once....

Laura is overhauling the registry she maintains for the amazing Meishan hog AND received approval to move forward with her Federal Butcher Shop upgrade at the same time. 

Stay tuned & follow us on Social Media to see the results!

THEN....we'll get back to classes!


What's the #1 class request this year?

Charcuterie - Teach me how!

It's What Everyone Wants

AND Here it us...

Charcuterie Production 101

This 2 day immersive event will take you through a variety of products we produce in cured cuts. 

That means you will make:

  • Prosciutto
  • Pepperoni
  • Capicola
  • Bresaola
  • Biltong Style Bresaola
  • Little Lonzina
  • Lonzina least.....we'll take a poll and see what YOU want to see!

AND - if you can cure it @ home & want to -  take your work home to finish the cure yourself!

We'll complete a Meishan Whole Hog Breakdown....

See our American Charcuterie style cut work....and.....we'll put the knife in your hands!

YES! Plan on being HANDS ON! It's the BEST way to learn!

YOU'RE doing the work too! Right beside the Butcher Babes & 4 others.

  • Dates are Saturday April 29th & Sunday April 30th
  • Hours are 8:30-4:30 Saturday & 8:30-3 Sunday

What else is included? 

Charcuterie Board Creation

Lunch Saturday (included) will include a short class on how to build a Charcuterie board from our own Denise Hardin. You already recognize her as our Social Media Maven for JR. 

Then, Saturday night at dinner (included too,) Laura & Denise will partner on a floral themed board at our favorite local restaurant, Silver Queen in Monroe, Ga.

A Meishan inspired dinner to follow.

Prepare to be taught:

- Carcass evaluation for curing

- What Equipment You Need at Home to Do This Yourself

- How & Where to Cut Lonzina, Pork Belly, Coppa Roasts and more

- Knife Skills

- USDA Sanitation Practices that You Can Use at Home

- How to work the cures from start to finish.

- How to know if your work is edible.

AND.....our tips on how to create your perfect Charcuterie Board at home.


There's no other class like it in the US. 

We're growing & curing our own cuts AND Inviting you into our USDA inspected facility to learn our proven methods of cured cuts....aka Charcuterie.

You'll Gain a TON of knowledge and Experience from Charcuterie Production 101. 

Learn from our head Pig Nerd, Mrs. Meishan..... Laura Jensen. 

She'll show you everything except her spice recipes & HACCP plans***....

Learn the secret to it all - that nobody is talking about.....

Work like a butcher does in our USDA Inspected Facility

There's ONLY 5 Seats available for this class so everyone can participate. 

It's the only class of it's kind ...

- Ask questions & learn it all from Laura....she's built all this & more from nothing. And you have access to her & her knowledge. A HUGE value on it's own!

- Hands On

- Proprietary Methods Shared with You

- Learn How to Do this At Home with Confidence

What are you waiting for?

Reserve Your Seat NOW....before they sell out!

This is easily a $2k + class - Grab Your Spot today at our inaugural price of $1600.00.

** Some Heritage pork will be used to cover everyone's needs. 

*** Meishan hams will be used for demo but not sent home. You'll work your own heritage ham. 

*** Spice blends & HACCP consultations available at additional price.

**** No refunds or transfers

Foods Included:

- Light Breakfast both days

- Coffee, water and snacks throughout the day

- Lunch Both Days

- Dinner Saturday Night @ a local restaurant

- Charcuterie Board Building "How To"

Still not sure? See what Martin had to say about our classes:

"If you are looking for your next level culinary class this is for you. Jensen Reserve is the place you wish all your food came from. The intimate setting where our class worked together, as their family does, was incredibly unique. ....The meat Jensen’s Reserve sells is meant to be shared and the classes they teach are meant to be talked about. My experience was a mostly female team of butcher badasses. They invited us into their space and gave us a personalized look into what they do. I can’t wait for the next class and my next visit."

Thank you Martin!


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