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Bacon Butter

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Bacon Butter
Bacon Butter

We took two of out most favorite things and made something magical.... butter and bacon!!! How could that be wrong??? It's not! It's actually VERY right!!!

We took real butter and whipped in our own handcrafted bacon bits to make our Compound Butter!!!!

That means we took the bacon that you love, ground it, cooked it, drained it, added butter. No shelf stable additives for these bits.


 FYI: butters blended with herbs and other ingredients are called compound butters.


They come in 4 oz containers. 

What does it pair well with??? ANYTHING!!

Anything that you put regular butter on, you can put bacon butter on!

Veggies, Bread, Crackers, or as a finishing butter on steaks. 

*Only available for local pickup*

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