Bulk Purchase / Wholesale

Interested in our products for your business? Great!

Here's a list of what we can wholesale business 2 business. 

- Meishan pork cuts and/or potentially half to whole carcasses

- Sausage Mild and Hot Meishan and Heritage pork

- Sauerkraut coming April/May 2019

USDA food licenses prohibits sales of our cured products to another business. 

Meishan pork is available in limited supplies as they are a critically endangered breed with less than 2,000 left worldwide. I would love to work with you to put Meishan on the menu.


Bulk Purchases

If you are an individual, not a business, and are interested in a bulk purchase within the state of Georgia, please contact me with your questions. This can include our custom cured products, roasting and bbq pigs as well. ~Laura


 Email me at laura@jensenreserve.com or call me at 7703634487.