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DIY Kit - Elderberry Syrup  4 in 1 Value kit
DIY Kit - Elderberry Syrup  4 in 1 Value kit

DIY Kit - Elderberry Syrup 4 in 1 Value kit

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Want to make your own syrup? Try our pre-made kit and make your own 48 oz batch of delicious Elderberry Syrup. All Organic Ingredients. Just add water and honey, following our instructions on the back of each pack. 

A scientifically proven product to reduce the flu and potentially prevent it from happening to you and your loved ones.*

Elderberry Syrup is a long time proven remedy for the herbalist and homeopath community.

Keeping it simple, clean, flavorful and healthy for you!

Easy instructions on the back of the package for making at home.

Also available in wholesale quantities. Contact us today for more details.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. Always seek medical help for a diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease. This is not prescribed or meant as a treatment.