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Make Mine Meishan Hog Package

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Make Mine Meishan Hog Package

I'm THRILLED to Offer a Meishan Sampler box with Nationwide Shipping Included!

It's been a 7 year journey to offer you this package....

It's just about 1 of everything I offer from my A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork 


What's in it? 

1 pack Bone in Chops (2 Chops)

1lb pack Meishan Bacon 

1lb pack Ground Pork 

1lb pack Hot or Mild Meishan Breakfast Sausage  

1 pack of our Meishan Pork Neck Bones 

1 pack Meishan Charcuterie 2oz. Pack (Pancetta, Prosciutto Bites or Capicola)

1 pack of our Meishan Roasted Garlic Brats

1 8oz tub Meishan Lard

1 bar Goats Milk Meishan Lard Soap

ALL AMBA Certified Meishan Pork Offerings!

And stay tuned - a cookbook is coming soon! 


Nationwide, 2 Day Shipping Included!

and as always.....Store Pick Up Available too!

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