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What's Picanha? Not Just a Brazilian Steak House Specialty Anymore....Enjoy Your Own Tonight!

Laura Jensen

Pronounce pi-KAHN-ya

It's a different take on a steak. 

Bold in flavor.


Known for it's fat cap, it comes from the rump of a cow. Also known as the top sirloin area or sirloin primal, close to the tenderloin.

It's the steak of choice at traditional Brazilian steakhouses. 

And now, it's a sought after cut for grill masters and foodies alike. 

It's a specialty cut we rotate in our shop along with teres majors & tri tips.

How do I cook them? 

Ya'll know me - cast iron skillet, table blend and butter. BAM!

I did find that this cut does a little better with a medium heat to brown and warm the center. 

Otherwise - it's delicious! 

Try this:

Cook 2.5 ish minutes on all sides, even the fat cap

Put cast iron skillet, steaks in preheated 350 degree oven for 4 minutes. 

Let rest 3 minutes. 

The one I cooked was about 1 & 3/4" steaks for reference. 

Here's the pic of my work below:

 What do you think? ~laura

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