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Top 3 Reasons to Why Farm Fresh Eggs are Better

Laura Jensen

You may just love the flavor of our eggs.... And....

You're Right!

They are really flavorful. 

Pasture Raised Eggs

But, did you know that there are more reasons than that to buy our eggs? 

Yes! There is!

Here's my Top 3 Reasons our Farm Fresh Eggs really ARE a better choice:

1. More Nutritious

Yep - it's not just the flavor you crave. Pasture raised eggs, according to a study performed at Penn State contain: 

  • Twice as much vitamin E
  • Twice as many long-chain omega-3 fats
  • More than double the total Omega 3 fatty acids
  • 23% more Vitamin D

This is in comparison to commodity eggs from confined hens. 

2. Fresher

Did you know that your store bought eggs can be up to 60 days old before you buy them? It's true.

Our eggs, on the other hand, average 7-10 days old. 


3. Pasture Raised / Organically Fed

Our hens are left to live their best chicken life roaming our pastures every day.

No stress hormones from small cages for your eggs!

We even go as far as to employ 3 Livestock Guardian Dogs to protect our flock. 

And did you know that our organically fed flock offers soy free eggs?

YEP! We've got you covered there too! 

Livestock Guardian Dogs Guarding Flock

So....You're right! 

Farm Fresh, Pasture Raised Eggs ARE better! 

And, you're dollars spent supporting your local farmer stay in your community too. 

It's a no-brainer to choose local eggs from our pasture raised hens!




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