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Ready for Cool Weather Food? Tri Tip Tacos for the WIn!

Laura Jensen


I love summer but the heat beats us down on the farm. 

We're ready for a break. 

And it looks like Fall is almost here!

Cooler weather inspires me to cook hardier meals.

So, I started thinking about what that should be...

And that's when it hit me.....Tacos!!

But, I didn't wanted the standard ground beef version. Nawww......

To the farm store I went!

And...BAM -  I realized Tri Tips would make something different. 

And It Did!

And it's simple too.....


If you'd like to see how I made tri Tip Tacos...

 Here ya go!


1 Tri Tip, I prefer trimmed well

Jensen Reserve Taco Rub

Lard to grease bottom of 9"x13" pan

Toppings As Desired.


Instructions: Grease bottom of 9 x 13 pan. Preheat oven to 380 degrees. 

Place tri tip in pan and generously coat both sides with our Taco Rub & Seasoning. 

Bake for ~45 minutes. I recommend a meat thermometer to get to your desired temp. 

Once internal temp of 135 is reached, removed from oven and let rest for 5 minutes. 

Cut across the grain. Then into bite size pieces. 

Toss in juices in pan or on cutting board you cut it on. 

Add to your favorite dish.


What did I pair with mine? 


Smoked Gouda Cheese

Sour Cream

Cherry Tomatoes from Farmer Ricky next door

Juice from 1/2 lemon



OMG. This is a keeper! Bill dove into his before we even sat down to eat!


Have you ever tried a different kind of taco? Tell mw about it!



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