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Picanha - What is it? How to Cook it? How to Get YOURS!

Laura Jensen

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It's been a much requested piece....

Picanha....pronounced pi- khan-ya

It's a unique cut from the rump of a cow....

It's also called a culotte....pronounced coool-lot

What's the difference?

Simple - where you from!! lol

Seriously though - Picanha is what it's called in a Brazilian steakhouse.....Culotte is what it's called if prepared for a french themed meal....

We call ours Picanha - and cook it like we do everything else....although our grillmasters are doing some AMAZING things with them too!!


How do you cook one?

Here's my go - to...

What you'll need:

- Cast Iron Skillet

- Olive Oil

- JR Signature Seasoning Blend


  • Preheat oven to 365 degrees
  • Preheat Cast Iron Skillet with Oil to a Med High heat
  • Coat Picanha with JR Signature Seasoning
  • Brown each side of the picanha in hot skillet
  • Insert Meat Thermometer to center of cut
  • Place skillet with picanha in it in oven
  • Cook until internal temps hits 125-130 degrees
  • Remove from oven and let rest 4-5 mins
  • Slice to desired thickness ( I like thin)
  • ENJOY!!

 Here's how our head Butcher Babes, Kaylee, looked......YUMMM!!!

You can also cut them like steaks and cook them that way....but.....sirloins can sometimes go to the tough side when doing this....that makes my preference keeping it whole.

Cut and skewered is also popular!

Here's how that might look:

And finally, Neal - a long time customer - shared his on his grill....whoa....

How do you cook your picanha? 


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