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#6 Ideal Meal - BBQ Chicken, LOCAL veggies, Summer Salad...ahhhhh.....Summertime! Done in 30 minutes!

Laura Jensen

This weeks Ideal Meal challenged me. 

My original plan was BBQ chicken and green beans. 

But, it's a little early for green beans around here. 

It hit me like a lightning bolt.....CALL RICKY!!!

That's my neighbor. Many of you have seen his gardens and high tunnel when you visit my store. He farms organically and has delicious stuff.

He had the answer!

- Zephyr Squash

- Pickling Cukes

- Cherry Tomatoes 

That's a BBQ Meal if I've ever heard of one!

BBQ Chicken, squash....and a summer salad!


So, this morning, I cut the veggies. Then Denise and the crew did their magic. 

We used our own balsamic marinade for the summer salad. (That's one of many products about to go wholesale...btw )

Unsure if it would 'marry' with the veggies, we tried it last night....and...


So, this ideal not only has your meat and veggies. But, it has a summer side salad with the marinade included! WOOT! WOOT!

It definitely fits our Ideal Meal format - 1 pan, no more than 40 mins...and dinner is DONE!

 Easy. Peasy. Delicious.

 Oh - and did I mention that it's GLUTEN FREE! Yeah - that too!


Here's how this one works:

  • When you take your meal out of the fridge, turn your oven on to 415 degrees. 
  • Remove the cucumbers/ tomatoes/ Vidalia onion blend and the cup of balsamic marinade. 
  • Dump the above into the marinade. This is safe to sit on the counter while you wait on the other food, if you prefer.
  • Next. Sprinkle as much JR Signature Seasoning on the squash as you like. Then, dump bag of seasoned squash into 1 end of the pan. 
  • Now, do the same with your BBQ seasoning and chicken. (You've got a mix of breasts and thighs cut into strips!)
  • Once the chicken and squash are removed from their bags and in the pan, place in oven for 10 minutes. 
  • After 10 minutes, stir it around and cook another 20 minutes. 
  • DING!
  • Dinner is DONE!

 I'm really excited to try this one over the 4th. How about you?

Tell me what you think! How are our Ideal Meal Kits making your life easier? ~laura

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