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Ideal Meal #4: NY Strip Steak Nachos?! WHAT?! YES! Dinner Made Easy.

Laura Jensen

This weeks Ideal Meal is our take on nachos. etc....

I get tired of ground beef, shredded chicken or pork...

So, why not up our game by using NY Strip Steak? Sure sounds good to me!

Our strips aren't like the typical ones on the market....they're tender, flavorful and never tough. 

Lending themselves to the ideal nacho topper!

We started with Madi shaving the steaks just like our shaved ribeye. 

Then, included them, with cooking instructions, in our all-in-one meal kit just for you. 

Here's how this one works:

  • When you take your meal out of the fridge, turn your oven on to 415 degrees. 
  • Then, dump your onions into your bag that has the shaved NY strip already in it. 
  • Next, dump all the taco seasoning in the same bag. 
  • Squish it all around from the outside, covering everything with our taco seasoning. 
  • Next, dump steak & onion mix into the small pan provided. 
  • Place in oven for 20 minutes. 
  • Remove from oven and stir. Put back into oven afterwards for 10 more minutes.
  • Now, dump all your tortilla chips (that I made in-house!) in the large pan. 
  • When the steak and onions are 2-3 minutes from done, place chips in oven beside the steak. 
  • Remove all from oven. 
  • Using an oven mit, distribute steak and onions over top of the warmed tortilla chips. 

  • Next add cheese and Taco Ranch. 

BAM! Dinner is DONE!


 5 of us munched hard on ours. I was almost hangry too. We grabbed a dipping cup and filled it with our Taco Ranch and dipped the nachos for the best experience! There was plenty for all of us with leftovers for at 1 other person. 

Oh - and fwiw....this is all gluten free!

Tell me what you think! How are our Ideal Meal Kits making your life easier? ~laura


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