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Free Pet-a-Piglet - 3-4 Sat & Sundays!

Laura Jensen


I know you want to pet one of our piglets....

Or hold a chicken.....

Or pet a baby goat.....

Who doesn't.....RIGHT?!

And ya'll know how much I LOVE sharing my farm with you! 

So let's get together! 

For the foreseeable future, my crew and I will be hanging out in our barn hallway with our piglets, goats and chickens for you to see, pet and interact with....that's right!

A Free Interaction available for you and your friends and family from 3-4 every Saturday & Sunday. 

Here's a few fun facts:

  • The piglets are at least 2 weeks old before introduced to more people so they can build their immune system first. They are born with no immunity to common cooties.
  • Piglets LOVE to sucker you in and then JUMP out of your arms. For that reason, we hold our piglets and you are welcome to pet them and take pictures with them and our ace farm hands, Jacob & Trent. 
  • No Reservation required for these events...come on out!
  • Yes, this is a FREE event! We'd love for you to support our farm store while you're here and tell your friends. That way, events like these can continue to grow!
  • Chickens, including Fred the Rooster will be there too! We can show you their ear lobes, how to hold them and you can touch a comb!
  • Not so much Baby Goats will be there! Some holding is available ....or as much as they can take. The 2 little bucks get feisty some times!

So come see us! It makes my day to see the smiles on yours! ~laura

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